DIY Guide to Newborn Photography

DIY Guide to Newborn Photography

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Every new parent wants cute photographs of their newborn. Professional New born photography in Dallas is flourishing in the present era. But, often there are times when professional newborn photography isn’t the best option for parents. Budget constraints, busy schedules, health issues, and other family matters are some of the common reasons which cause challenges to opt for professional newborn photography.

The article highlights some of the easy tricks and DIY tips for parents so that they can capture amazing pictures of their little ones.


Safety should be given the number priority when considering newborn photography at home.  One must have browsed through several fancy poses of newborns on the internet or in magazines. For instance, the froggy style seems to be the most popular one where the head of the baby is propped out in the hands.

New parents must understand that this is all done with the help of photoshop applications. A newborn is unable to keep his/her head in such a stable position. Furthermore, trying such poses with the newborn without any professional help is a big no. It is also recommended to avoid using any prop that has the possibility of breaking or tipping over.


The professionals engaged in Newborn photography in Dallas believe that it is best to keep things as simple as possible. Even people visiting the newborn photoshoot sites online have the same opinion. They consider that the cutest and the most popular pictures are those that are the simplest. A neutral blanket, solid-colored wraps, white garments, knitted hat, under the crotch click, etc., are some of the most popular, yet simple clicks for newborns.

Often parents invest in expensive newborn clothes and accessories for photographs. They believe that the better the outfits and accessories, their babies will appear more beautiful. But, the fact is often the outfits overshadows the babies in the picture. Thus, professional photographs always suggest new parents keep things simple.


The background of any picture plays a vital role in enhancing the whole photography. Since, a parent might not be a professional photographer, or have any idea about the same, it can be overwhelming. It is suggested to avoid clicking pictures of newborns with a background that consists of an unkept bookshelf, a piled-up laundry, a messy desk, or any kind of unsorted and unattractive backdrop.

Before embarking on a DIY newborn photoshoot, it is suggested to declutter and tidy up the space that will be the background. One of the easiest methods is to grab every item that seems unnecessary to clutter inside a basket and keep it away in another room.

Sleeping baby

The best thing is newborns sleep a lot and thus clicking DIY pictures while the baby is sleeping is the best bet. Everyone wants to click pictures of their newborn looking into the eyes of their parents. Unfortunately, the majority of the time, the shots will have issues like:

  • Blurred shots since babies move a lot while awake
  • Cross-eyed shots
  • Crying shots
  • Crazy-eyed shots

When the shots are clicked with the babies sleeping, it is easier and better.

Tips for keeping babies sleepy for photoshoot

  • Feeding and burping before the photoshoot
  • They must be in a clean diaper
  • The temperature of the room must be comfortable for the baby
  • A simple wrap swaddle

The photographers involved in Newborn photography in Dallas points out that the parents shouldn’t make the room dark or else additional lighting will be required. This will wake the baby up and the entire photoshoot can be challenging.

Turning off the camera lights and overhead lights

The in-built camera flash creates an unattractive deer-in-the-headlights appearance. Moreover, indoor overhead lights also attract weird color shadows and casts, and thereby they are not recommended. Using the window light is enough for the photoshoot to take place especially during the day when the window light is available. A newborn baby spends the maximum time sleeping during the day, which is ideal for photography as well.


The above-mentioned are some of the DIY tricks that are practiced by photographs engaged in Newborn photography in Dallas. New parents with budget limitations can try out the DIY guide and create memories with their cute munchkins.

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