How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party

How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party

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If you’ve been charged with planning someone’s bachelor party, you’ve been entrusted with a big responsibility. So you’ll need to think about it well beforehand, rather than just taking a bunch of men out to a pub to drink beer (unless, of course, that’s what the groom-to-be really, really wants). Here’s our guide to throwing the best bachelor party ever.

The Attendees

If not done correctly, the guestlist for a bachelor party can create a slew of problems. Speak with the bachelor himself to find out who he definitely wants to attend. If you find someone absent from the list who you believe should go, make a note of it; don’t simply ask them anyhow as there may be a reason why the groom doesn’t want them there. Also, keep a reserve list in case any of the initial group is unable to attend (but don’t tell people on it that they are a reserve!).

The Budget

If money were no issue, you could travel across the globe and stay in the most opulent hotel for a week – or two! – of fun and games. However, most of the time, money will be a factor to consider. While a trip abroad for a bachelor party is becoming more popular, you must consider every member of the group who has been invited, and because not everyone can afford to purchase airline tickets, it is better to stick to a more nearby location to keep things fair.

Consider the Groom-to-Be

It’s tempting to get carried away when planning something as potentially entertaining as a bachelor party, but you must consider the bachelor himself and what he would really like. This is, after all, his celebration. If he dislikes musicals, taking him to the theater would be a waste of his time. It wouldn’t be ideal if you planned a pub crawl when he isn’t a drinker. If he likes to stay close to home, organizing a party with could be ideal. Think about what he would love doing the most and plan your activities around it.


It’s a wonderful idea to arrange some unique things that you can use during the event and retain as a souvenir afterward to truly get into the spirit of a fantastic bachelor party. T-shirts, baseball hats, and beer mugs are excellent, and they are also inexpensive. When you get to your location, hand them out to everyone, and your party will be off to a fantastic start.

Don’t Forget About Eating

Finding various locations to drink and fitting activities in around that will often be the focus of a bachelor party. However, don’t forget to account for eating time. Your groom and his friends will feel pretty bad after a time if they don’t eat, and they won’t appreciate the night out you’ve arranged for them. Make going out to eat a part of the celebration and find a fantastic restaurant in your chosen location that has everything you need. If your party is big, call the restaurant ahead of time to reserve a table; otherwise, they may be unable to accommodate you.

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