Keeping Your Website at the Cutting Edge: A Short Guide

Keeping Your Website at the Cutting Edge: A Short Guide

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There are millions of websites on the internet. There are huge sites with hundreds of thousands of pages, and there are those that were built several years ago for now-defunct businesses that creak with poor architecture. And there’s everything in between – including your website, whether that’s supporting your business or your personal brand. In this short guide, we’ll look at how to best maintain and improve your website so that it’s keeping up with modern trends and achieving your growth goals for traffic and sales. 


Websites are constantly changing, as new trends enter the ecosystem, the web design environment becomes more dynamic and user-friendly. A website built in 2010 will appear outrageously archaic and clunky compared with modern websites – and this is incredibly off-putting for consumers. So you should consider modernizing your site by doing some of the following:

  • Bringing in design elements from some of the leading business websites on the internet
  • Commissioning new text and new graphic designs that adhere to modern standards
  • Making your sales pages similar to what consumers are now used to on major retailer sites
  • Ensuring you’re doing our best to adapt to the changing demands of SEO or search engine optimization

All of these tips, when combined, will revamp your website to make it fit for purpose in 2022 and beyond. 


There’s nothing more off-putting for a consumer than broken links, images that don’t load, slow page loading times, and clunky payment options. All of these impediments to quick, seamless sales can mean you lose out on business, and they’re all related to outdated and poorly maintained websites.

Happily, there’s a cheap and efficient way for you to maintain your website. By engaging with some of the world’s leading website designers and maintenance experts – the likes of – you’ll be able to outsource this critical service, making sure your site remains modern throughout the coming months and years. For a monthly fee, you’ll receive vital maintenance services as well as SEO tweaks that’ll help your company’s website attract more visitors and sales. 


Being at the cutting edge doesn’t just mean making your website clean, seamless, and modern. It’s also about getting it seen, and that means competing in the marketing space with your direct rivals. You can do this in a variety of different ways, including:

  • The aforementioned SEO techniques, which can mean far more traffic if completed successfully
  • Targeting paid adverts to the demographic of consumers you’re most interested in engaging with
  • Using social media to reach people organically – Facebook for older consumers, and Instagram or TikTok for the younger demographics
  • Using e-commerce websites like Amazon to display your wares, giving you another channel to advertise from

Part of your marketing strategy should be to outprice your competitors, thus drawing in cost-cutting consumers who are adept at searching for the very best deals online. So bear the prices of your competitors in mind when forming your own pricing structure. 

There you have it: simple ways in which you can keep your website at the cutting edge in a competitive online business environment. 

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