Quality Real Estate Software Application Products For Efficient Processes Handling

Quality Real Estate Software Application Products For Efficient Processes Handling

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The software streamlines a business’s services and operations, making it easy to keep track of the various business activities. It, therefore, becomes necessary to choose a software that best serves the business well, meeting the set goals and objectives of the various business functions. The unique nature of the business’s services requires that the software gets fin tuned to match the various business practices and provide the required solutions. Professional software developers tailor the software performance following the business practices and ensure that clients maximize their output. SoftPro provides reliable real estate closing and title software solutions that streamline all the processes and give the business owners peace.

 The software has gained recognition by the American Business Awards since 2007, which confirms the software’s effectiveness. In addition, the professionals back up the system with several add-ons which uniquely tailor the software to meet individual business needs. In addition, the keen interest in the titling software client’s business needs enables the professionals to design the software application to suit the business goals expertly. The professional has various products created with the client in mind and requires data to enter and carry throughout the SoftPro application. The software enables the clients to build a product that best serves their interests, and it comes with several modules. Some of the products include: 

SoftPro Standard 

The SoftPro standard is an important package for the client’s residential estate closing, title, and escrow production. The product enables titling software clients to choose the features that best fit their current needs with the possibility of adding others later. In addition, the product enables clients to get up to speed quickly with little installation effort even though it requires skilled training. The product enables the creation of unlimited templates for prepopulating orders with contacts and subdivision information. The system comes with add-ons such as a secure transaction communication portal -SoftPro live and web order entry which further enhances the product performance. On the accounting part, the product enables the automatic compilation of data from orders and keeps all the transactions, including deposits. The software then checks the orders and transactions that are active, voided, pending, or held and has cleared of bank transactions and positive pay add-ons.

SoftPro Select

SoftPro select provides maximum flexibility and efficiency to residential and commercial closings. The product is a fully automated titling software program for every closing, title, and escrow process phase. In addition, the product enables individuals to manage all the processes from order entry to title policy, taking complete advantage of the robust library of documents in the industry. The product enables the client to automate certain tasks that would get done manually, facilitating an automated process for greater quality, consistency, and productivity. The product facilitates the management and reconciliation of multiple trust accounts when it comes to accounting. The add-ons for the product include a secure transaction communication portal, web order entry, calendar, task notification tool, dashboard, clearing of bank transactions, and positive pay. 

SoftPro Hosted 

The SoftPro Hosted titling software provides great solutions without IT costs. Clients who use the product get all the features and functionality of SoftPro select and get a huge improvement in the business service provision. The product makes the 1099-s submission more efficient and reliable when it comes to submission, enabling the business functions to work seamlessly. Files and paperwork become very tedious to arrange and use; the SoftPro Hosted product enables clients’ to digitize their documents, making them easy to handle and store. 

To further individualize the software, the product enables the client to create their custom documents and report according to their business activities and needs. Like SoftPro Select, the product enables the client to manage the whole business process from data entry to the final title policy, making use of the library of closing, title, and escrow documents in the industry. In addition, the ability to automate some of the tasks further improves the business services and operations, thereby improving the efficiency of the business. The add-ons for the product features are the same as SoftPro select, allowing the client to include various features to further enhance their processes and service provision. 

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