What do I need to know about propane?

What do I need to know about propane?

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So, you might be one of the many homeowners looking forward to switch to propane gas for domestic purposes, right? This fuel has gained immense popularity as a clean and economic alternative to its alternatives. Before you reach out to one of the leading propane gas suppliers in your city, it makes sense to know some facts about this gas.

When it comes to heating your domestic or commercial space, propane gas proves to be highly affordable and efficient. In the US, around 5% of the property owners are presently counting on this gas, and the figures are rapidly rising.

So, let’s explore some facts about propane that you might not know.

How can you use propane gas for heating?

You can use propane gas for heating both indoor and outdoor spaces. Thinking of indoor heating systems, the gas finds extensive usage in fireplaces, appliances, boilers and cookers. 

Among the outdoor areas, propane gas is used to power standby generators in case of power outages. Besides, you can use the gas to power lights, spas, swimming pools, and different appliances. It can also be used in power grills.

This gas is actually a hydrocarbon, obtained by refining LPG. Propane gas can be generated both through the refining of crude oil, as well as natural processes.

Like natural gas, propane gas does not have any odor or color. However, odor is added to the gas, so that homeowners can detect possible leaks. This gas has come a long way over the years as a green and efficient source of energy.

 How to store propane for domestic and commercial use?

You need propane tanks to store the gas for domestic or commercial use. Simply reach out to one of the established propane gas suppliers for timely refilling. You might have your tanks above the ground or under it. Regardless of the installation, the suppliers will refuel the tanks from time to time. These tanks range in capacity between 100 gallons to 1000 gallons. The larger the tank, the less frequently you need to get it refilled.

It is not always necessary to purchase a propane tank for your house. Some of the fuel supplying companies also provide these tanks on rent. However, you need to shell out a monthly fee to the company when you rent it. In case you own the tank personally, you can save this money. Purchasing the tank would require you to shell out an upfront cost. The fuel supplying company would be responsible to carry out the necessary maintenances when you rent one.

Other facts you should know about propane gas

  • You can cut down the emission of greenhouse gas by switching to propane. This is a clean energy and produces less than 50% greenhouse gas as compared to electric heating systems.
  • Considering the effort required to produce energy, propane gas is highly recommended. This implies that you would require a lesser amount of gas than electricity to run a particular appliance.
  • You need not worry about toxicity in your home when you switch to propane, as it is safe.
  • Even in case of leakages in propane tanks, there would be no harm as the gas doesn’t pool or spill.
  • There are certain tankless water heaters that run on propane gas, that can deliver better efficiency. In the process, you can save a significant chunk of your heating bill throughout the year.
  • Compared to electric cloth dryers, propane dryers have the ability to preserve apparel better. This is because, propane appliances dry them faster, while generating a comparatively less static in the process.

 It makes sense to receive your gas from one of the reputed local propane suppliers. You can either purchase a tank or rent one from them, depending on your finances. In a nutshell, switching to propane would benefit you by cutting energy expenses in the long run.

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